2021 : Word of the Year


Every year now, I like to do a bit of a new year life audit. This involves asking myself a series of questions about where I find myself to date and the direction I want to be headed in. I’ll then spend a good amount of time jotting down some words to see what comes up. This allows me to be much more conscious as I move forward into the new year and set some intentions accordingly.

As I sat down to really reflect and take in everything this year has meant, I was overcome with gratitude at how much progress I have made this year in the midst of so much turmoil. This year proved to many that we can do hard things. We can still grow within the challenging years and come out on the other end shining.

I realized that – mentally, professionally, personally – I have made huge leaps and bounds in some sort of way that is a positive leap forward in the past few years. I have tackled some huge obstacles and deeply held beliefs, and am finally feeling like I am emerging from that work bigger, better and stronger. As a result, my intention for this year has a very different feel to it.

This year is about consistency in all actions.

Historically, consistency has been something that I have struggled with in various areas of my life. I have always been good at hitting the ground running on something with a tone of energy and enthusiasm, but struggled to keep plugging away when things slow down or get hard. I can get uninspired or unmotivated to do things and that can really slow me down. It is easy for me to become inconsistent as those challenges swallow me up sometimes and I lose my balance

This consistent action is something I admire hugely in others. My husband, Tom, has been super consistent in his work which has enabled him to build an amazing career. One huge thing I admire about him is he is constantly checking in on friends and family and is amazing and consistent at building and maintaining relationships- he is consistent at being the guy that always picks up the phone or sends that quick text. I see creatives whom I admire build huge bodies of work through consistent learning and action and produce content daily. I see my neighbor closing her rings on her workout app daily and I am proud of myself if I get the girls out of the house for a walk multiple times of the week. Especially since this pandemic, its an area that needs work from me to be more balanced and consistent.

Being consistent with relationships is a huge thing I want to work on this year. I feel that at times me or my friends are just too busy to prioritize friendship because of the busy schedule that is being a mom. Add in a pandemic and the consistency of friendship maintenance is almost impossible.

Consistency is where we log the hours that our friendship needs in order for us to start feeling safe with each other— like we can predict what to expect from the other. This type of consistency fosters trust and reliability. In a busy world… we have to be intentional about what it means to really be in each other’s lives. THIS is what I want to truly work on this year. I want to cultivate and build those relationships that mean the world to me. I want to be consistent in communication and connection even if it is one-sided. I want to be consistent in my efforts to build those relationships because they matter to me.

Consistency with MYSELF. This year I have conquered some major battles as I grow my role as a mom to three girls and finding the place in life that makes me happiest. Of course being at home with three kids, I put them first, I give them my all. Ending up in the hospital this year for 3 days with a kidney infection that I let get to the extreme because I tried to push through it, was a slap in the face type of proof that I was putting myself on the back burner. If I do not put MYSELF first and have consistency in the care of myself physically, mentally, spiritually, the whole gamut–I will be NOTHING for my family. I will not quit on myself. Same me, but i am going to love her more than I ever have. Putting myself first consistently, is the best thing for my family. Take the me time, read the book, watch the show, take the bath, take the walk, have the glass of wine- or the bottle, eat the chocolate, workout, write in your journal, go on date nights, go to happy hour with your bestie, meditate, worship, run, sing, scream in a pillow– Whatever it is that you need to consistently do to be healthy, happy, and positive, do that! You are SO worth it. I promise I am working on doing the same.

This is where the growth happens. This is where growth is created.

This drive for consistency also requires a level of self-forgiveness.

Long term consistent action requires the acknowledgement that sometimes we slip up. Sometimes we miss an expectation we set for ourselves. Sometimes we may not accomplish what we intend to. Sometimes we slip up and don’t have that fulfillment that we were enough that day.

Sometimes we need to look after ourselves first in the interests of the longer game. We need to forgive ourselves and show ourselves insane grace daily. We need to stop being our biggest critic and start being our biggest advocate.

We are not perfect and we are ALWAYS enough.

And how do we stay consistent after 2020, when the world is in such turmoil and there is something new everyday to worry about, to navigate, to weed through, to digest? How I am going about this is staying consistent in leaning on my faith in The Lord. He is stable, secure, bold, and our foundation. If we ensure that our faith in the Lord is our foundation, the consistency and the anxiety will be held by him FOR you- it was never meant to carry on our own. We look onto Him for stability for us all as we adapt, navigate and press forward in this life. As this is easier said than done, but let’s dive into the word and unpack it as we start this year.

So this year will not be about setting a huge goal to publish content daily, or to run a marathon. It will be about promising to keep showing up to be the best I can be that day- to love, to create and to grow. To keep building spiritually, mentally, physically in order to be the best for myself and my family. It is about showing up for my friends and family in a positive light daily and seeing the beauty in the little things and the beautiful mess that is life. This year is all about focusing on the journey rather than the destination.

I love hearing others word(s) of the year, goals, dreams – leave them in the comments!


B O O K S  for 2 0 2 1

A good friend of mine recommended this book club below – check it out and read along with us.

I cannot wait for my January book to arrive and get going!

2021 –  The Nancy Ray Book Club

January: The 28 Day Prayer Journey by Chrystal Evans Hurst

February: Up From Slavery [Booker T Washington autobiography]

March: Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stephenson

April: Atomic Habits by James Clear

May: The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer

June: Parenting by Paul David Tripp

July: The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield

August: Dirt by Mary Marantz

September: Awakening Wonder by Sally Clarkson

October: 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney + Sean Covey

November: Fighting Forward by Hannah Brencher

December: The Revenge of Analog by David Sax

Bonus Book: Living Out of the Overflow by Dr. Richard Blackaby


r e a d   a l o n g   w i t h   m e

what other books are you reading or have loved?



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