“Allow Yourself” – A letter to me. A letter to you

A letter to me. A letter to you.


Allow yourself.

Allow yourself to meet a new friend when you’re at your loneliest.

Allow yourself to have an honest conversation that makes you grow and helps you understand that we’re all just people doing the best we can. Allow somebody to say the very thing your soul needed to hear.

Allow yourself to walk outside and feel the sunshine beaming down and that joy fills every single square inch of your being.

Allow yourself to listen to music that makes you smile, and sing as loud as you possibly can. Allow yourself to listen to music that makes you emotional and when you feel like you’re about to break, allow a stranger to offer you a bit of random kindness.

Allow yourself to have the bad day and to lean into your feelings. Remember to not live there.

Allow someone to make your day better and to share your pain or heartache.

Allow someone to give you a compliment. Allow yourself to finally believe it. Allow yourself that good cry you’ve needed to release all the pent-up junk that’s been making you tense for the last three weeks.

Allow someone somewhere to make you laugh so hard you can’t contain it, and your faith in humanity is restored just a tad.

Allow a simple verse, or a quote, or something on Facebook to calm your heart, and lift you up when you need it most.

Allow yourself to rest.

Allow yourself to pause.

Allow yourself to reflect and to give thanks.

Allow yourself to rest in knowing every hard time God brought you through, and how He built you back together until you know without a shadow of a doubt, He’s going bring you through this also.

Allow that caffeine to kick in and work like magic.

Allow all of these things in life to make you feel energized and ready to go like you haven’t in a really long time.

Allow yourself to feel worthy, renewed, and refreshed like sunshine.

I hope you allow yourself to get rest. I hope your mind shuts down long enough for you to inhale and exhale and accept the moment for whatever it may be—good, bad, strange, messy, hard, and beautiful. Allow this moment to teach you something and bring you peace.

Allow yourself to learn who you are – because that can be a process.

Allow yourself a way to give the peace sign to any drama. I hope you’re able to walk away when that’s what’s best.

Allow yourself to forgive. I hope you’re able to let go.

Allow yourself to breathe in something new, and that you believe good things are somewhere in the making.

Allow yourself to look in the mirror and love the woman staring back. Allow yourself to give that person the grace she deserves. Allow yourself to hold her accountable and hold her head high. She’s not perfect, but she’s brought you here, and that’s pretty amazing.

Allow yourself to keep friends who never make you walk on eggshells, and who stay when everything else seems unsure. Allow yourself to have people who celebrate you, and throw dinner parties when you succeed, and leave little goodies on your front porch for no reason at all.  Allow yourself to be to them what they are to you and return everything they’ve given to you ten-fold.

Allow yourself to be a giver and not a taker. Allow yourself to help and encourage someone to climb higher. Allow yourself to be humble, and that you are able to remember that life is better together than divided any day.

Allow yourself to love, breathe in, and enjoy this beautiful life around you. Allow yourself to not take one day for granted. Allow yourself to stay faithful when the world is scary.

Allow yourself.



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