At Home Learning & my love letter to you, Mamas.


To start off, I just wanted to say how damn proud I am of you. This has been a crazy year and to have to make the decision to send or not to send our children back into schools has been one of the toughest things to navigate for all. I am so proud of you for making a decision that is best for your family, because that is the ONLY right decision. I know that reaching a decision could certainly still not sit well with you. I am praying peace over you as I know it is all simply going to be okay, but it may not be easy.

Some of you are working moms, some of you are stay at home moms, some of you have a lot of kids, some of you have children with medical needs, some of you have babies, some of you are about to have babies, some of you have children with intellectual disabilities or physical disabilities. Some of you are struggling, really struggling with staying afloat and feeling like you can do this at all.

Whatever your situation is, please find peace and calm in your decision as whatever you choose is RIGHT. This is my love letter to you because I wish I could hug you all. Every Mama is carrying a load. All of our loads look different but they are still loads. We need to lift each other up right now.

Being in education for almost 10 years and most of them serving as team lead for special needs students, I wanted to provide some of the things I think are great at targeting and differentiating learning. If I can help you not be overwhelmed during this time, I certainly will.

No two students learn the same, so using different items could help target your learner.

These are not “MUST HAVE” items. I just wanted to help guide you, if you see a need for your child.

Also – I am MORE than happy to provide any assistance while you are either homeschooling or guiding your virtual learner. I am here if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Me Here. 


Last but not least, make sure to take care of YOU.

You are amazing. You can do this and you are EVERYTHING your kids need. Treat yourself to some self-care time. Some of my favorites below:


All my love,

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