Bunny Bait – Easy Craft at Home

If you need a fun + easy project with your littles, this was a really fun craft that we did on a Sunday morning in our pjs. Have the vacuum ready but it was worth it. We made bunny bait for our neighborhood friends. It is very similar to the reindeer food concept. Bunny bait for the lawn attracts the Easter Bunny for Easter. Kids can sprinkle Bunny Bait outside on Easter Eve to attract the Easter Bunny to their house.

“sprinkle in your yard at night – the moon will make it sparkle bright – as the easter bunny hops + roams – this will guide him to your home”

See Below for supplies + a free printable tag I made- Feel free to use it + tag me!


25 Pack of Plastic Tubes


Easter Theme Sprinkles


Tag – free printable download 


We cannot wait to deliver to our friends.

Easter is one of our very favorite + most special holidays.

We love to spread the fun and celebration.

If you make the bait, tag us @christin.lewis


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