Cozy Earth x Fathers Day Addition

Maybe I am crazy but this time in my life I invest in comfort because let’s be honest, I am not 20 anymore and comfort goes a long way. Thankfully – I got my hubby on board on how valuable this brand is and he is hooked to Cozy Earth.

We now know why they are on Oprah’s favorite things list each year.

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, I wanted to show Tom’s top favorites + offer you an additional 35% off using my code: CECHRISTIN.

These items feel like butter and Tom wastes no time changing into the joggers after after work.


Don’t you love gifts for your husband that are also a gift to yourself? Yes! That’s my girl.

We have had the bamboo sheet set for about 6 months now and when I tell you it is worth the investment, trust me. Use my code and it makes it all worth it.

This bamboo bedding is organic + softer than cotton. What is great for me is that they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. I have the worst allergies and these sheets take care of that for me. They also are anti-absorbent so they will not absorb the oils from your skin and turn yellow. My sheets have stayed crisp white and look brand new with many washes.

Currently Tom has the Jogger pants + shorts |top row| and like I said he wastes no time changing right into them when he gets the chance. I also have the women’s jogger short and pant sets and they are the most comfortable clouds that I have ever worn. Its all about the lounge.



but shhhhhh. don’t tell your hubby but slide in something for yourself using my code.

click here to get my jogger set + an additional 35% OFF using code: CECHRISTIN

y o u r   s e c r e t s   s a f e   w i t h   m e

women’s bamboo jogger short + long sleeve top

  • true to size
  • breathable
  • does not pill
  • wicks moisture + 50% less humid
  • stain resistant


s t a y  c o z y

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