Go-To Beach Necessities for Families

The beach is our happy place. It is the closest I ever physically feel to Jesus and where I want to raise my kids one day. Even though trips to the beach look a bit more hectic with a toddler and two babies, there is still no place we would rather be.

SO, Since beaches are OPEN and summer trips are under way, I wanted to share my GO-TO beach necessities when taking three kids to the beach. I could not live without these items with this big family of mine.

Now you know why it takes me an 18 wheeler truck to transport our beach stuff.

Pull up to the beach in STYLE!!!

This Amazon Beach Wagon is probably the soccer mom van of beach needs but I NEVER go to the beach without it.

I can throw my beach bags & my kids in here if we have a long haul. It is worth the investment and there are SO many out there. I would recommend spending money on quality because if they are cheaply made it can definitely add to a strenuous and not so smooth transport.



Favorite Pick**  I love love the yeti coozie that screws off the top. It keeps your beverage cold the entire way through. My only complaint is that it is a bit heavy so you feel like the drink is still full when it is empty. Small price to pay for a cold drink on a hot day.


Favorite Pick** Beach Bag WITH kids — Beach Bag / Cooler & Tote — Amazon Best Seller

Favorite Pick** Without Kids — Straw Bag / Target


Favorite Pick for Kids**Neutrogena Wet Kids – also Free & Clear 

Favorite Pick for Mom & Dad** Thank goodness this is the year I am taking my skin SERIOUSLY. My skin is super sensitive, I have rosacia and sensitive breakouts to sunscreen. All of my sunscreen is clean- If you want to try a clean version of sunscreen, I would try Beauty Counter’s sunscreen line first. This is pricey for sunscreen but I believe it’s worth it to save your skin.

I am currently using Elta MD for my daily use on my face because it is the only thing right now my skin will tolerate. INVEST IN YOUR SKIN!!!

Favorite Picks for Kids** – You must must must get these Summer Pop Up Chairs for your babe on the beach. These have been a life saver with one kid and continues to be so functional for twins.

Favorite Picks for Adults**ZERO Gravity Chairs! My brother and sister-in-law got us on to these. I am telling you, you may not want to get up to chase kids around because you will be so comfortable. They are insanely amazing.

I know there are a lot of opinions on puddle jumpers correlated to drownings.

As the girls continue the process of swim school and learning, they will be in puddle jumpers until we are confident they can swim on their own. Until then- they will be wearing swimmies.

Let’s use this space as a judgement free zone! xo


Favorite Picks for Kids** You must must must get this Summer Pop Up Tent. Why? Because we use it indoors and outdoors to contain the circus. I even put a small baby pool in the middle of it on the beach. It comes with a sun shade and the girls have even napped in it. Its amazing, super light, and easy to fold up.

Favorite Pick** I have had a lot of speakers but this Amazon Speaker is by far the best quality for the low price. It is under $50, bluetooth, and the charge lasts literally ALL DAY! Great sound and it can clip on your bag if you need it to. We clip it onto our beach tent and it works so well. Highly Recommend this one!


See ya on the beach- 6 feet away, of course!!! xo


**DISCLOSURE: this post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a commission for qualifying purchases when you click/purchase on my links. This is at no additional cost to you.

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