Just Because We Carry it Well- Doesn’t Mean it isn’t Heavy.

I had to come back to this post and write it again but specifically to target our world right now.

Last year I wrote this blog post titled “Just because someone carries it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy.”

It’s one of my posts that will get many pings every single day. I was always curious as to why exactly that was getting so much attention.

That boldly resonated with me.

Want to know why? Because people are searching this topic because EVERYONE has some heavy they are carrying. Not some, not a few people in Florida or around the world… EVERYONE.

We are all carrying something that is HEAVY. Some heavier than others- but does that really matter? Life is super hard. Approaching 35 years old, it definitely doesn’t get easier but I will tell you I am coming back to this blog post and I am going to let it preach.

We need more grace people. We judge, a lot in this world. It comes naturally to us unfortunately. We have got to be kinder to one another because we are all carrying a load that is heavy and as much as I venture to pledge to have God carry everything for me, it is still hard. With everything happening in the world right now, you can’t tell me it isn’t heavy in itself. No matter what side you are on.

We have to have God’s heart. We cannot just pick and choose who we decide to be nice to and care for.

Going Deep with God by Having Him Carry Our Loads

Life right now is like trying to hold a bar of soap. As soon as you feel like you have a grasp on it, it slips right out of your fingertips. You get a fresh year, but wait—hear is a pandemic to live through. The world open’s back up and we muscle through a shutdown world without human interaction and WAIT— a very important movement has surfaced and it has broken the hearts of so many. HEAVY!

Life can be hard to navigate & digest at times. So my only option is to do the heart work and let God have it all –he will lead me until the period to transition where it isn’t so heavy. But when I don’t let him have it, I am good at “acting” like I am okay with carrying the load.

But how my friends, can I carry it less well?  I know that sounds like a funny question but it’s an honest one. I truly do not know how. Can you relate?

I naturally make the best of things, am optimistic, have gratitude, and smile, I am the fixer, the one that wants everyone to get along & carries that–but that does not in any way mean I’m not struggling…

And please know that I AM grateful.  And I acknowledge wholeheartedly that there are a lot of people out there that have it a LOT harder than I do. I wouldn’t trade MY HARD for anything in the world — my lot is my lot.

I know loads are all relative and what’s heavy for me might be light for someone else, and vice-versa.

As I wait for God to help digest this season & assist me with my load– I know I am not wasting time in being a better version of myself and growing in all aspects of life.

Please listen my friend, in the waiting, you are not wasting time, but doing the hard work of finding the new beautiful rhythms in a quieter, slower version of life. As the world moves FAST around you in full speed, please remember to be STILL and LISTEN. Just stop talking for one second. LISTEN! Listen to God, listen to others, and listen to YOU!

You are WHOLE- even in all of the time you spent to try to be better, try to empty your load, questioning your feelings, doubting your worth, wondering what you have missed, why NOTHING makes sense, even then your soul is at peace in HIM. When you are still, you are still growing and learning at a graceful pace.

Even though you still wake up some days facing some major change, major hardships– within the world, within your family, within yourself, within your relationships, moments that are no longer shared, rooms that will never feel the same- you are NOT missing out on what was meant for YOU.

He is preparing you for what is MEANT TO BE. He is shaping you through this journey. He is shaping the WORLD.

My friends – let’s show grace – to everyone. Even the people who carry it well, you can pretty much guarantee they are carrying a heavy load. We all are.

Make today a good step in the direction to soak yourself in grace, rest, resilience, prayer and intention. I am working on it, and so can you! People will not always see you doing the behind the scenes “heart work” because that looks differently for everyone. People WILL see the fruit.

One thing my husband always told me while I was teaching Special Needs was “Progress in Progress.” Meaning that you never stop growing. You put your foot on the gas pedal of progress and growth and never stop.

Let’s love and spread grace around like confetti. Not just to others but to ourselves.


“My dear children, let’s not talk about love; let’s practice real love. This is the only way well know were truly living in Gods reality. Its also the way to shut down debilitating self-criticism, even when there is something to it. For God is greater than our worried hearts and knows more about us than we do.”


1John 3:18-20


  1. Helen Ann Mattoni says

    I love this attitude and I have been blogging the same since the pandemic started and I have watched everything went downhill from there to include me getting cancer and kicking it’s ass, but I have remained steadfast and tried to help others stay positive while my heart is heavy too but no one sees that. Love to you Live Well and Prosper.

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