Me, You + 2022

OH hello. Its been a minute since I have written to you all- 5 months to be exact.

| Little recap of my 5 months | — In all of my transparency, I felt this push + pull of blogging where it was not serving me or my following… in a genuine way. What use to feel like coming to hang out with a mama community quickly shifted to a rat race of stressing over the likes, engagement, where the next picture was going to be taken, judgement, the ever changing algorithm of social media and I just started to feel like my least authentic self. My content was authentic but my mindset and approach was suffering.

That is NOT why I started this space. It was quite the opposite.

I wanted other moms to feel like they had a friend in me. I wanted other moms to feel like they weren’t alone in the trenches. SO I took a step back and realllyyyyy looked at my why. In my realizations – instead of the rat race that is now the influencer space, I am going to write when its on my heart, and post things I love and want to share- no schedule, no agenda, just in the moment. If it gets 5 likes- WONDEREFUL! It can be simple to stay true to yourself and also a RELIEF. My blog and Instagram may look different but I promise you, it will stay authentic to me and to you.

In realizing this over the past year– Obviously there is nothing wrong with bettering ourselves and using the new year to formulate more goals and push ourselves to grow and become the best versions of ourselves. I am all here for that- but hear me out…

I just wish there wasn’t so much distraction on those new goals interfering with realizing how far we have come. The progress you make is just as important as the achieving the goal itself.

Let’s take being a mama for example–It is a constant push and pull. Needing space from our babies, but feeling like there isn’t enough time with them. Feeling burnout from tasks but also feeling joy in them. Wanting to speed up and slow down time at the same time. Feeling everything from joy to pain to fulfillment to resentment. It’s a whirlwind but its your journey. I am hard on myself every day and I have to reflect on my year to see the progress I have made. I am always fearful with the negative self doubt that I wasn’t enough for my kids today. I wasn’t enough for my blog. I wasn’t enough for my husband that day. I wasn’t enough for my family and friends. I absolutely beat myself up.

Those who know me well, know I can apologize for everything, in fear of not pleasing someone. I am hard on myself. So having this mindset of being “new” each year doesn’t help someone like me to feel that they have been enough.

SO- why do I share this?

Because I want you to feel like you truly are the superwoman that you are and how important your journey is.

You have been the best mama, the best wife and the best friend that you could be and will continue to be in the coming year because you loved and you showed up every day.

You just ended a year so much stronger then when you started. You have jumped over major obstacles to be standing where you are today; the secret to this was the moment you chose to unlock every fear. The parts that felt too hard to get past, are now permanently in the past.

You are tuning into every beat of your heart and evolving into the greatest version of yourself. You are facing the noise of your vulnerabilities and tuning into the scars of your heart. The next chapter, this year ahead of you, is looking so bright.

My past year experiences, boosted and enhanced the version of Christin that I was, and I am so thankful for that. I  want to use that to push full force into a better version this year. I don’t want to leave it behind.

It mattered.

We uprooted our family and moved to a new city, we made new friends, we started new schools, we jumped into a new job, we paused the blog, but we also walked with friends and family through the toughest seasons of their lives. This year mattered, you don’t have to stay there- but use it to boost you to the great that is ahead.

Everything I say, touch, and create is unmistakably me.

Celebrating all of the things I overcame and all of the little wins. As a mama, the little wins are EVERYTHING.

Make sure the people that get me through the tough times know their value in my life. They need to hear it.

Positive Self Talk — Write down reminders, verses or inspo to keep close when things get tough. Stay positive.

Give myself space to feel all of the feels so I can heal and grow (and know its okay if it takes time).

Remind myself that you do not have to change who you are to have an amazing year. You are already enough, always were and you have come a long way.

Be the best YOU in 2022.

Thank you for being here and sticking with me!


  1. Kayla Torres says

    So happy to see you back because you truly have a talent with words and how you connect to us mamas!

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