Meet Christin

t h e   g a l   b e h i n d   t h e   b l o g.

I’m Christin- I am a Mama to 3 beautiful ladies, in which I am now the ringmaster of a small circus. I have a 5-year-old, Ella Grace & 3 year old twin girls Wesley & Linley. I married my sweet, southern gent from Alabama and we share the same alma mater, Auburn University. War Damn Eagle! We just moved to our little paradise in Panama City Beach. I love Jesus, being with friends & family, anything on the beach or water, a good glass of vino, a small passion for all things fashion, and sharing some real talk and honesty about the truths of being a mama and a woman.

How did I decide blogging is where I would help others?

2018 was a game changing one for me — Having a 2-year-old was an easy subject when taking and posting pictures on social media. Then you bring in some twin girls and it’s just a picture fest up in this house. It brought a lot more followers and people curious about our lives. A lot of people asking where we got things for the kids, what we recommend for kids & how we make it look so easy. It started to actually bother me a lot because this is far from easy but people perceive things differently. It was hard and by not means easy the first year.

Nothing is “perfect” and a few years later there is just as many dirty diapers, tantrums, spills, mess, butt crack sand from the beach, beautiful chaos, Bluey (iykyk), and a lot of wine and coffee to power through the busy-ness.

Ya feel me, moms? I wasn’t bothered because people were curious what so ever but because they thought/think we are “perfect.” HA! I have heard it too many times. Instagram is a photo reel  & it can truly do damage. We can all get sucked right in, day in and day out and the comparison game can take over.

I also know that IG and blogging can be positive and if it is here to stay, I am going to make my platform positive so that my daughters understand the capability of this tool.

I am so excited and ready to connect with you –

This past year I have absolutely loved where this blog has taken me. I have connected with the most amazing moms, listened to the most powerful stories and I am so grateful God led me here. I love when you share right back with me. It fills my bucket.

God put in my heart that he wanted me to be transparent and bold. This generated the blog name- (two things that take up my time) wine glasses filled to the brim and being a professional ass wiper at the moment. Excuse my language, God understands & loves me anyway! I am not perfect.

It was clear I needed to touch on some messy topics and build a community so people didn’t feel alone. Here is to open truth, my realistic view as a mom, my initiative for Moms to give themselves grace and how we need a little wine and a lot of Jesus to get through life. I want to lead women to see the grace and not perfection in life.

I invite you on my journey to seek less life chaos and more grace filled-confidence.

I am pumped to connect with you- let’s do this!!!

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