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Raise your hand if you are battling postpartum acne? UGH

If someone was going to tell me I would have breakouts at 34 years old – I would tell them they are sadly mistaken because that ship has SAILED! Well, here we are. Three kids later and I look like I did on my first day of middle school – just add braces.

After three kids, my hair and skin took a beating. I went through some insane hormonal changes even a year later- physically and mentally and still trying to navigate that.

My good friend introduced me to TruAura after knowing that I had some skin issues, redness, and extreme dark pigment around my eyes (those- I inherited and have had my whole life).

I hope one day I can share my dark eye story – I will leave that for another vulnerable post.

Let me preface this with the fact that I only share things that I truly love. Also- the change I have seen in just 2 weeks, has been drastic. I understand skin takes time, but the immediate results I have seen are just what I needed. So….


My Skin:

  • hormonal flareups
  • redness
  • dryness
  • darkness

Since I had some bad skin issues, I felt that I just needed the best coverage in the makeup world, I did not take the time to look into what was in the products or what could benefit or harm my skin. I just said “bring on all the clown makeup and cover this stuff up”. It ended up making my skin dehydrated and cause more consistent breakouts. I thought that heavy makeup was my only option because I could not get my skin to clear up.

What Our Skin Needs:

So much goes into what our skin needs- our actual diet and what we intake, water, hormones and products use are all contributing factors to skin health. I have sensitive skin in addition to hormonal changes. I knew I needed products that were more clean.

I needed hydration. I needed moisture. I needed healthy skin…My skin needed a DIET!

I switched to TruAura Core skin routine – The probiotics gave me my skin back.

Prebiotics and/or probiotics are in all of TruAura formulas.


What TruAura does for your skin:

Applying these ingredients to your skin can stimulate the production of defense cells that restore your skin’s natural balance and stabilize its immune system. Not only does this help your skin look healthy, young, and clear, but it may also decrease sensitivity, redness and inflammation – this was my case!

I wanted to document my journey of TruAura in only one week and introduce you to the core products that I use and absolutely love.

THANKFULLY- I can also pair my core wash routine with makeup that is cohesive with the stabilizing of my skins health.

My One Week Journey:

Makeup that was dehydrating my skin | First night using cleanser and night cream


Day 2 cleanser + day cream + TruAura Foundation + Powder


 TruAura Foundation + Powder / No Makeup only scaring from past breakouts

TruAura Makeup after one week core cleanse day/night

My Routine:

1. Nourishing Cleanser

2. Refreshing Tonic

3. Advanced Repair Day Treatment Serum

4. Advanced Repair Night Treatment Serum 

5. Replenishing Day Lotion

6. Replenishing Night Lotion


My Makeup:

Perfect Powder Foundation (I use color – N3 Beige)

 Perfect Liquid Foundation (I use color – N3 Beige)

Moisture Balance Lipstick (I use color- Bare)


If you are interested in learning more about this life changing line click here.

Check out my girl Logan and her 5 minute makeup tutorial using all TruAura Beauty.


I hope you love these products – if you decide to try – let me know! I love to hear your feedback.




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