Listen Sis, You Cannot Be Everything to Everyone.

time for coffee talk. On a beach trip with our best friends (10th year in a row in the same spot together), we made a cheers over dinner and I raised a glass to my friends and said "you may ... READ the POST

Its Okay to Not Be Okay — My Mental Health Call to Action

  You’re fine- Great as a matter of fact! You’re good. It’s all good. Everything is JUST fine. You know your husband is fine. Your kids are great - Your friends seem happy. But more ... READ the POST

Turning Fear into Faith- Anxiety and Me

  f a i t h .  o v e r .  f e a r Do you worry? If you said no, I wouldn’t believe you. We all worry, we are human and it’s a natural reaction to a lot of things. I see worrying as ... READ the POST

Mental Health

Being a mom to twins and a toddler is a lot like a flight on an airplane to me. It takes off on time, with zero turbulence, landing nicely with your bags waiting or it’s the opposite. Your flight is ... READ the POST