You give life to what you give energy to.

I am a firm believer that you give life to what you give energy to. If you give effort and energy towards negative talk, gossip, negative people, or negative thoughts, you are going to give those ... READ the POST

Just Because We Carry it Well- Doesn’t Mean it isn’t Heavy.

I had to come back to this post and write it again but specifically to target our world right now. Last year I wrote this blog post titled “Just because someone carries it well, doesn’t mean it ... READ the POST

That Time The World Shut Down: 2020

A worldwide pandemic. WHAT? Stores and restaurants closed. Sports games and concerts cancelled. All non-essential workers asked to stay home. And, just like that, life changed. What a weird feeling to ... READ the POST

The Lewnatics: Birth Story

We had a two year old girl at the time. With our first, we had a perfect pregnancy and birth that any birth to follow had large shoes to fill. I never really had a “birth plan” just that I didn’t want ... READ the POST