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My word for the year is:

It is hard for me to pick one word for a new decade, so in hopes to focus on one main thing – I wanted to unpack one word to mean a whole lot of things. My expectation for this year is to make my word work for me and not for me to work for my word. It is simple.

I want to THRIVE this year in life. I want to feel like I am excelling and thriving spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

In order to do that I am going to do a series and break down each piece and what I am focusing on.

I am so excited to share my first series:

I  h o p e   y o u   e n j o y   a n d   f o l l o w   a l o n g .

S e r i e s 1 : Thrive Mentally


The first thing I wanted to delve into was social media. It popped up in the book I just read “When Less is More” by Emily Ley. It focused on making space for slow, simple and all things good. This is what I am craving and what I feel is essential to thriving in life!


As a blogger – being on your phone & computer takes up a lot of time and being present is something that gets me good. I try to blog, write, social media scroll when my girls nap, but let’s be serious- I can also be caught reading other blogs, articles and social media posts and get engrossed in the entrapment that is the social media black hole. One post leads me to another and then I am glued and I don’t even realize how NOT present I am. I am in a deep rabbit hole that makes me extremely unproductive, anxious and unfocused.

It isn’t that we need to do away with social media – it is not going anywhere guys, so how can we be in control of it and use it in a positive way?

In addition to cooking, cleaning, wiping boogers, asses, and playing chauffeur, moms are adding “tweeting”, “liking” and blogging to their daily repertoire. Why? Because in many ways they feel more connected to moms like them and can learn from a community of moms at the tip of their fingers (Example: Why isn’t my kid napping??? Help!)

80% of young moms use social media regularly and 50% of all moms who are active social media mavens access it from their mobile devices. That’s a lot of multitasking moms pinning, tweeting, and sharing amidst the chaos that is child-rearing.

Is this negative? I don’t know – I think I felt like it was for me personally until I started to get messages from new moms or even a phone call from some suffering PPD. I knew that social media could be used for the good and to reach out to a community to benefit people. It is up to US on how we utilize the tool and not let it use US.


Here are some intentional practices I use that can help you THRIVE in social media use.
















Social media CAN enhance your life, but if it is used in an unhealthy way, it can intensify symptoms of depression, self-doubt and anxiety. My message to you is to not make social media an idol. Use it in a positive and healthy way and use it to help you intentionally THRIVE!