Our Energy & Our Mind – a journal entry

Sometimes I write myself something to encourage or to help stay focused on a certain area that I think I need focusing on. Lately I have been giving a bit too much focus to other things and I needed ... READ the POST

You give life to what you give energy to.

I am a firm believer that you give life to what you give energy to. If you give effort and energy towards negative talk, gossip, negative people, or negative thoughts, you are going to give those ... READ the POST

“Allow Yourself” – A letter to me. A letter to you

A letter to me. A letter to you.   Allow yourself. Allow yourself to meet a new friend when you’re at your loneliest. Allow yourself to have an honest conversation that makes you grow and ... READ the POST

“Let’s Go Girls” – Women Supporting Women

Oh Sis, what a season. Am I right? During this weird time, everything can seem so out of balance. You know what can also be unbalanced? Relationships with others. I have found that during this ... READ the POST