You give life to what you give energy to.

I am a firm believer that you give life to what you give energy to. If you give effort and energy towards negative talk, gossip, negative people, or negative thoughts, you are going to give those ... READ the POST

The Lewnatics: Birth Story

We had a two year old girl at the time. With our first, we had a perfect pregnancy and birth that any birth to follow had large shoes to fill. I never really had a “birth plan” just that I didn’t want ... READ the POST

Girl, get rid of the Mom Guilt

One of the constants of motherhood is the universal “mom guilt.” I mean, you can’t count on much in life to stay consistent, but if you’re a mom, you can count on guilt being your consistent bestie ... READ the POST

Owning Your Insecurities

It's not the easiest to come out with your own insecurities to help others with their own - here I go, as I try to be transparent raw and real with you all. I pray this encourages you and gives you ... READ the POST