What Someone Thinks of You is None of Your Business

Let's Chat About It --  The desire for connection and to "fit in" is a basic human need but understanding that sometimes not all of it can be at a healthy level is important. Can you ... READ the POST

Finding Friends . Finding YOU!

being vulnerable + finding friends at 35 There are so many layers to making friends and finding your people. It starts with meeting people when you are a kid, some friends stay forever, some come and ... READ the POST

Losing Our Identity as Moms + How We Can Get It Back

The other day I read a post from someone (assuming a Gen Zer- why are they hating on us so badly right now?) asking how in the world we actually burned CDs. They could not understand how we could ... READ the POST

Our Energy & Our Mind – a journal entry

Sometimes I write myself something to encourage or to help stay focused on a certain area that I think I need focusing on. Lately I have been giving a bit too much focus to other things and I needed ... READ the POST