Thrive Series: Shifting Mindset

Thrive Series: Shifting Mindset

S h i f t i n g   t o   a   p o s i t i v e   m i n d s e t .

Shifting to a positive mindset isn’t just “I am going to see the good in the tantrum my toddler just threw.” It is a reverse in thinking – its intentional – it could change the way you see others, your family, friends and how you are approaching time with all of them.

A lot of the way you do things and your system of doing things is stored in the subconscious mind, created from childhood moments where you were taught someone else’s beliefs, or where you decided that this was the way your life is going to be. This programming runs in the background most of the time. Your conscious adult mind is competing with it, constantly!

So now you know why, when you want to bring something into your life that does not already exist in it, your body and mind get distracted, fearful, start comparing and self-sabotaging. Emotions come up or negative mind chatter takes over and you get stuck in a loop of your old programming like: I am not enough, Life is difficult, I will never find my soul mate, I am always in debt, I have to be perfect etc. Does this sound familiar at all? I know most of us feel that way when we want to exercise more or diet but what about the day to day things? Can we change the way our systems are?

This subconscious programming does not want you to leave your comfort zone and it will do anything to make sure you stay there. It will sabotage your creativity, energy and even your health.

If you want to move past this programming so you can finally have the life you truly desire, you’ll have to face up to these old beliefs and start making some changes.

You don’t have to be a parent for these to look familiar—Think about it this way:

Healthy Eating/Groceries – $150—way too expensive

Dinner date – $150 -–reasonable


Therapist- $130 – absurd no way!

Trip to Target- $130 – great sales!


Average college class – $1000 –very expensive

iPhone – $1000  –a need/necessity


Kid’s After School Sports/Camps –$150  –way too much

New pair of shoes — $150  –they were on sale!!


60 minutes of exercise- – “I wish I had time”

60 minutes on Instagram –- “OMG time flies”


1 hour on the phone with parents –“OMG this is taking forever”

1 hour of catching up on Netflix –“Let’s watch another one”


Everything in life is about priorities and how you program your mind to recognize these things. Can we reach our goals and be great if we are stuck in this mindset? I don’t think so.

I am 100% guilty of all of these things. When you look at your responses to certain things in life, it brings a different perspective. How can we change our old ways and old thinking in order to have a more positive mindset that helps us THRIVE? It is in our subconscious mind – it is up to us to make intentional changes so that we can make the shift and we are not stuck in that loop.


Will you join me in making the shift to positive?


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