Whats in my Cart? Preparing for 2020

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New year, New goals, New needs, New wants, All things NEW.

As we are head first into a new year, I wanted a few fresh things to get me energized to kick this years BOOTY. As I thought last year was the worst one yet, it built me tough. God makes ALL things new. Here are a few things that have gotten me prepared for the new year.

I am VERY behind on organizing and cleaning up Christmas. YES – everything is STILL UP! I am not mad about it. Here are a few things I ordered or plan to order to organize my home and clean up my christmas decor.

New Year . New Organization. This is a huge goal of mine with all of the stuff having 3 kids entails.

Moms, we are NON STOP and on the go. These items I have recently purchased and I am going to break them all down for you because they are must haves for a fresh year.

Headbands | my husband asked if I joined a headband gang because I seriously throw one on EVERYDAY. It helps me feel like I am stylish while also rocking a hot mess day. I have bought a $20 headband from Anthro but you HAVE to get this pack. The quality and different textures and colors- I am living in them! #founditonamazon

Madewell Tote | Let’s be serious, our purse is our diaper bag. I love that I found this nice tote that I can use, throw my laptop in and DIAPERS and wipes. Winning on both ends here!!

LuluLemon Align Leggings | If you know, YOU KNOW! I LIVE in them and needed a new pair because one pair just will not do. WORTH every single penny. GO, GET THEM.

Emily Ley Planner | For events, I am good at using my iphone cal but for to-dos, tasks, and shopping lists, this planner is my go-to. I have been hooked for years and let’s not forget the encouragement it is laced with. Emily Ley knows what it’s all about!

OUAI Products | on the go products are a MUST. Also amazing if you just wanted to try them instead of buying the big bottles. LOVE THIS.

Adidas CLOUDFOAM |  DSW S a l e–I  just got these puppies and I don’t want to take them off. They are so light, comfortable, and amazing for a wide foot like mine and so good for mamas on the go! HIGHLY recommend.

Yeti Coffee Mug | This is self explanatory. Who has time for their coffee to be cold? Not me! If I am running around, my microwave cannot save me and reheat it 5 times that morning. LIFESAVER!

Sam Edelman Catherine Espadrilles | Okay! Guys. So I went into Bloomingdales with all 3 kids and said “I need a cute shoes that is COMFORTABLE- So a really good mom shoe, please.” They laughed, brought me a ton of tennis shoes which are practical but I landed on these. I love them. A LOT!


a. a tooth brush holder and cup for Ella.

b. Fred’s Winner Dinner Plate – check stories for how we use this. It is incredible for picky eaters. It helps with positive reinforcement and finishing a task. It is working wonders for my picky eater.

c. More baskets and organization for the playroom


H a p p y  N e w  Y e  a  r !

Let me know if you purchase any of these items and love them as much as I do.

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