When Less is More

Girlfriends – I know there are a MILLION planners out there. We have your Erin Condren planner lovers, and the simple target planner girls -BUT,  Emily Ley has made all my planning dreams come true. She has made “a simple little planner” seem so much more to me in the past few years I have followed her and used her products. Her planner is bold because of her encouraging words and guidance laced in the planner and now because of the books she writes to women like me.

If you have not read this book – PICK IT UP!

I am going to dissect some raw and real words for you that hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Somewhere along the way, we went from thriving to surviving, from being full of joy to being full of stress.”

S P O T   O N !

I always think, who am I to be stressed and frazzeled when I have three healthy children, a wonderful husband and a roof over my head? I swallow my feelings and identify the problem and find a solution – instead of just surviving the overwhelm. We do not just have to survive – fix it and THRIVE.

Who feels this with me?

“When we quiet down, when we remove the excess and the NOISE, whats left is basic beauty.”


I have actually written in my blog about this specific thing. We need to identify what is actual “noise” in our life and what does not assist us to thrive. Identify it, release it – reach for that basic beauty. Right now, saying “no” is something I am working on. It doesn’t always need a complete sentence or explanation. I am an over-comitter because I am a pleaser. This brings on way too much anxiety for me and does not help me thrive. It is NOISE!

“Social media isn’t our problem. It’s causing us to burnout. Constantly seeking out new after new is the problem.”

THIS IS THE PROBLEM. Being a blogger – that is hard to swallow since I share a lot of products and I share all of the NEW NEW. It’s also amazing to swallow this because it is my main goal to help women not constantly seek new. I want to encourage and make women feel their best selves. Social media is here to stay – it is up to US how we are going to use it, respond to it or let it USE US!

Emily’s view was to try to re-focus in this area – she unplugged for a while so that her focus was else where and she re-wired her thinking. Removing the masses and simplifying so that your mind isn’t in over-drive. I love this – if you weed out the masses it leaves you will a small circle of friends and family to focus on that will indeed FILL your bucket. MORE blog posts coming on this topic.

“In walking this journey, Ive found beauty in stillness like never before.”

This is a humungous goal for me this year. I know deep down that less is truly more beautiful. Slow is more absorbed and stillness untangles our mess and shows beauty. In being still, it doesn’t exactly clean up the mess but it helps us love and accept our imperfect and messy lives and be more full, more satisfied with what God has provided. I am HERE FOR THIS!!!

I think this book is going to PREACH – I am such a huge fan of this one and I hope all women grab a copy and read it over and over. I am clinging onto mine for 2020!

Below are some printables that I use and stick them in my planner. I love that Emily provides these on her site when you subscribe to her mailer. I also linked the planner & notebooks that I currently use.

p r i n t a b l e s

kitchen measurements

meal planning


blog planner

daily planner

printables for teachers

W h a t   I   a m   u s i n g   f o r   2 0 2 0

Journal & Pen

My 2020 Simplified Planner

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