Word of the Year: THRIVE


W o r d   o f   t h e   Y e a r :

It is hard for me to pick one word for a new decade, so in hopes to focus on one main thing – I wanted to unpack one word to mean a whole lot of things.

My expectation for this year is to make my word work for me and not for me to work for my word. It is simple.

I want to THRIVE this year in life. I want to feel like I am excelling and thriving spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

In order to do that I am going to do a series and break down each piece and what I am focusing on.

I am so excited to share my first series:

Series 1: Internal & External Factors

Of course we all want to THRIVE the problem is just getting there during a uncertain, chaotic period of life that is motherhood. But the good news is it’s possible to feel like you’re totally rocking life, even if a baby woke you up five times last night and your toddler is boycotting foods that aren’t made with processed cheese flavors. I felt like this past year- it was impossible for me to actually muster the word “thrive” being something that was describing myself. I did not feel that I was thriving in any categories of life.

“Thriving” is a word most people would be glad to hear themselves described as – but is it something we reach for?

In my experiences, it seems like it all comes down to an individual experiencing a sense of development, of getting better at something and succeeding at mastering something. It could be managing a household, cooking, cleaning, making the smallest things flow more smoothly for your family- the list goes on.

In other words, we are thriving when we feel really good about ourselves and our accomplishments. Of course, developing that feeling of thriving within oneself isn’t always easy. It is much easier said than done and why I am unpacking the word for the year in hopes to achieve it.

Is there an actual formula for “thriving?”.

Probably not- but I can share with you some things that I am going to focus on to achieve the “life of thriving”. It comes down to having some (or all—YOU GO GIRL!) of these categories—

Categories – Internally:

  • Optimism
  • A sense of spiritual grounding
  • Motivation
  • A willingness to take action
  • Flexibility
  • Social Interactions
  • A passion & willingness for learning
  • Confidence in self- mental health

It is impossible to excel at everything all at once, but my objective is to incorporate a few of them into my attitude about life in hopes to chase the journey of thriving.

Categories –Externally:

  • Opportunities
  • Support from family, bosses/coworkers, friends
  • A calm environment – physically and mentally
  • Independence
  • Manageable challenges
  • Trust from others

Of course, you’re probably reading this and thinking, “A calm environment?-Are you nuts” I think for me – this is just a goal to ensure that I have my environment managed. It’s a goal and this is not going to be my everyday reality. Shit is going to hit the fan, the diapers and my hands but I can always implement a positive environment and hope for calm. Lol- can’t keep a straight face, but a girl can dream.

So go ahead and embrace your opportunities to foster great things in the lives of your children. That qualifies as thriving, too, mama!

Cant wait to share the rest of this series with you and unpack all of these internal and external factors. Let’s THRIVE together.


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